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Corporate Competitor Podcast

Jul 21, 2021

Ep. 53: Track and Field shaped this incredible leader.

Before joining RE/MAX – one of the largest publicly traded real estate companies in the world with 135,000 agents operating in 110 countries— Adam Contos ran a SWAT team, working for a local Sheriff’s Office. He describes the job as “kicking in doors, blowing things up, and saving people.”

In this episode, Adam shares that while his current professional life is completely different, his approach to leading high-performance teams remains the same. His goal is to break down barriers, blow up conventional thinking, and help as many people as possible achieve success.

How do you scale your organization in a way that values the people who are building it? You will find out here. I have my notepad ready. I hope you do, too!

Listen here or on Apple, Spotify, and IHeartRatdio.

You will learn:

(5:00) How to distinguish what you can control.
(6:00) How to lead from the front.
(12:30) How to use success as a stepping stone.
(16:30) How to prioritize people over processes.
(18:30) How to recruit people to FIT your culture.
(24:00) The difference between a Super Bowl team and a Pro Bowl team in business.