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Corporate Competitor Podcast

Aug 11, 2021

Ep. 56: Baseball shaped this great leader who has served as the president of Baptist Hospital and founded his own businesses serving his two passions: healthcare excellence and strong communities. Many have read his books on leadership and business operations.

Studer co-owns the Pensacola Blue Wahoos minor league baseball team with golf great Bubba Watson. The little-known team grabbed headlines in 2020 after the COVID pandemic shut down normal operations when they turned the stadium into a giant Airbnb.

The creative venture brought in revenue to the team provided a much-needed source of entertainment during the pandemic and earned international publicity.

Do you want your internal team to come up with genius ideas? Listen for six practices you can try to help your team hit it out of the park.  


3:00   Baseball’s impact on Quint’s life.

13:00  How to bookend feedback with support.

20:00  The six do’s and don’ts for optimizing creativity and problem-solving on your team

29:00  How to turn down somebody’s idea without turning down the person.

32:00  How to replace a culture of “no” with a culture of “yes.”

33:30  When to credit your team with a great idea (even if you had it first).

35:00  Why perfectionism “kills” innovation.

37:00  Bubba Watson’s partnership with Quint and the Blue Wahoo baseball team.

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