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Corporate Competitor Podcast

Sep 14, 2022

Ep. 112: Dan Cathy reveals the rewards of “leaving everything on the mat” as a state champion wrestler and member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. He is proudest of his service ethic, which has carried him for 40 years at the helm of the family business where he still welcomes guests with a firm handshake and the greeting, “Hi, I”m Dan. I work in customer service.”

As delicious as Chick-fil-A food is, that's not people's greatest need, avers Cathy. “Their greatest need is being encouraged. Chick-fil-A’s  purpose is that customers leave better and more encouraged than when they came in.”

Our BONUS RESOURCE for this episode includes fill-in-the-blank notes and reflection questions so you can create powerful, positive change in your organization.

Special thanks to Julia Monkarsh, Brett Rutherford, and Francisco Nunez for making this episode possible.