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Corporate Competitor Podcast

Dec 1, 2021

Ep. 72: Former hockey coach John Bacon offers lessons he learned turning the nation’s worst high school hockey team into one of its most celebrated.  Subscribe here for a free gift and today’s show notes! You will learn:

  • 5:00 Why a star system demotivates the entire team.
  • 11:00 The best way to make your team “special.”
  • 12:00 How to be patient with results, but not behavior.
  • 14:30 Mentors are far more important than pay for your first job.
  • 18:00 How to put values over victories
  • 22:00 How to measure statistics in business.
  • 23:30 Why silos are death for team spirit.
  • 24:45 How to break down the sales vs. service silo.
  • 30:00 How to increase discretionary energy.
  • 35:00 How to handle credit given to you and your team.
  • 38:00 The heartwarming story of John’s player Scooter

Special thanks to Florida State's Brian Schnorr for making this episode possible.