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Corporate Competitor Podcast

Jan 18, 2023

Ep. 130: When Stacie asks a client, “How do we compare to the competition,” she’s not going through the motions or being polite. She’s showing interest and creating a respectful environment in which honesty can develop—and she’s not afraid of what she might hear.

Listeners to this episode will learn:

  • 9:00 Growth questions every leader should ask themselves.
  • 14:30 How to determine if you are a leader or a manager.
  • 20:00 How to blindspot-proof your leadership team.
  • 24:00 Three leadership qualities every mentor should develop with their mentees. 

Our BONUS RESOURCE for this episode is “How to Receive Feedback” which includes fill-in-the-blank notes and reflection questions so you can go from managing your team to leading them. Click here to download the bonus resource.

If these lessons resonated with you, connect with me and my team at and together we can next-level your company culture! 

Special thanks to Jacob Poverman and Samuel Manley for making this episode possible.