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Corporate Competitor Podcast

Feb 23, 2022

Ep. 84: Tennessee Basketball shaped the first woman to dunk in a nationally televised basketball game. At six-foot-five inches tall, the Pensacola native commands a sweeping view of the impact sports can have on business leadership. “As you progress in your life, you’ll only be alone if you don't bring someone along with you,” she observed. Michelle has been mentored by some of the best and she constantly reaches back to make sure that she is bringing others along.

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Episode breakdown:

  •  5:00  The secret to changing your next “what if” statement.
  • 12:00  The lesson boxing great Roy Jones, Jr. taught her about mentorship.
  • 20:00  How to empower people through communication.
  • 26:00  How to make your meetings more efficient .
  • 28:00  The benefit of practicing the most underestimated quality — helpfulness.
  • 31:00  Why every person should wear a “whatchamacallit” to stand out.
  • 36:00  The best way to ask for advice.
  • 39:00  Why “brilliant brainstorming” is your greatest leadership tool.
  • 41:00  Three questions you should ask yourself to get better every day.

Special thanks to Florida State's Brian Schnorr for making this episode possible.