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Corporate Competitor Podcast

Sep 22, 2021

Ep. 62: Football, basketball, and track shaped Mark Steffe, an Illinois native responsible for guiding First Command Financial Services in its efforts to make lifelong financial security possible for all military families.

When an employee isn’t performing up to snuff, Mark wants his supervisors to avoid telling them to sell more, deliver more, get better results, work harder, and the like. Instead, he wants the leaders to “roll up their sleeves, get their hands a little bit dirty and help people get to a better place—not just tell them to get to a better place.”

Today, if you walk the halls of First Command— which maintains more than $35 billion in managed accounts and mutual funds and has more than $62 billion in life insurance coverage in force for some 280,000 military families— you will hear your fair share of sporting metaphors.

Listeners will enjoy learning how to be an agile leader, motivate with mission, and make love a core value.

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