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Corporate Competitor Podcast

May 1, 2024

Ep. 178: Baseball and basketball shaped Jeff who leads 60,000 global tax professionals. While he doesn’t do his own taxes, Jeff does “file” several practical tips in this episode including:

  • The best way to begin team meetings by “checking in” and “checking out”
  • How to frame questions that are “provocative” but also productive rather than aggressive or alienating. 
  • How to rescue an unproductive meeting by figuratively getting everyone on your leadership “out on the balcony” to get some distance on what’s going sideways.
  • The important difference between the “failing fast” and “learning more” mindsets.

Our BONUS RESOURCE for this episode includes fill-in-the-blank notes and reflection questions.

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Special thanks to T.J. Percell and Nicklas Urban for making this episode possible.