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Corporate Competitor Podcast

Feb 10, 2021

Ep. 30: Ohio State Softball shaped this military leader. In the history of the United States Air Force, 225 people have achieved the rank of four-star general, only five of them women. Recently retired General Maryanne Miller may have the most fascinating story of them all. 

Growing up in Hilliard, Ohio, Miller spent many nights as a young girl playing baseball in the backyard. "Every family has that one thing that gathers them," she said, "Sports became that for all six of us in the house." Her fun family tradition led to a softball scholarship at Ohio State University, an experience that taught her valuable lessons in grit and perseverance. 

In this candid conversation with one of America's great leaders, you will learn how to leverage your weaknesses properly, and we will reveal the biggest mistake people make as they seek to climb the ranks.

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