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Corporate Competitor Podcast

Jul 7, 2021

Ep. 51: Pittsburgh Basketball and 10 years in the NBA shaped this entrepreneur. Charles Smith played with the Los Angeles Clippers, New York Knicks, and San Antonio Spurs. During that window, he was often asked to assume new roles, sometimes mid-season. The one skill he worked on constantly was shot blocking, and still today he ranks in the NBA’s top one percent of all-time shot blockers.

After retiring, he participated in the Executive Entrepreneurs program at Stanford University and has recently partnered with Fierce Inc., a global leadership development and training company whose client roster includes Apple, Coca Cola, and HBO. One of Fierce’s critical areas of focus involves helping teams communicate better.

“There’s an old saying in sport,” Charles said, “The game tape or practice tape doesn’t lie. If you fall down, it’s there for all to see. Businesses don’t have tape like sports teams do, but they do have measurables.”

And if the tape doesn’t get you, observed the 10-year NBA player, a good teammate will. Listeners to this podcast will enjoy Charles’ no-nonsense insights forged in the heat of world-class competition.

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