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Corporate Competitor Podcast

Oct 6, 2021

Ep. 64: Robert “Bob” Glazer is a serial entrepreneur who has worked at think tanks such as Arthur D. Little and incubators such as Cambridge Innovation Center before founding a host of his own companies and charities. His longest-running priority, Acceleration Partners, began in 2007 and works with clients worldwide to develop and scale their affiliate partner programs. He thinks people glamorize entrepreneurship to their detriment.

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You Will Learn

  • 3:00 Are you in a vicious circle or vicarious circle?
  • 5:00 How to fight through the pain of learning something new.
  • 7:00 Why hard work beats talent.
  • 14:00 The #1 trait entrepreneurs need to have.
  • 15:00 How to avoid being a “WANTrepreneur.”
  • 24:00 How Friday Forward was born The key to a great culture.
  • 29:00 Why you should not call your coworkers “family.”