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Corporate Competitor Podcast

Sep 1, 2021

Ep. 59: University of Florida Crew shaped this technology leader. John O’Shea’s career at Tech Data started in 1994 when he was hired from a temp agency. Flying up the ranks as swiftly as one of those sculls plying the waters of a crystal clear lake—“I was averaging a new job every six or eight months!”—he rose to the position of President of Global Business Units at TD Synnex. He has developed a distinctive leadership style that CEO Rich Hume called strong and informed.

You will learn:

  • Two things effective leaders always do when handing out a compliment
  • Two essential conditions winning teams must-have for effective debate
  • The conversation every great leader has with a high-performing employee
  • The single quality is shared by the most dynamic and resilient teams.

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