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Corporate Competitor Podcast

Jun 8, 2022

Ep. 99: When you’ve played on teams with Kobe Bryant and LeBron James and for coaches like George Karl and Mike Krzyzewski, you know how to contribute to a team made up of talented people. Michael applied the lessons he learned from basketball to business as the founder of Twenty-Two Ventures, an angel investment company that has mentored and invested in 85 technology and media companies around the world.

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In this episode:

3:00 How Team USA went from a collection of talent to a band of brothers.

10:30 Why understanding character builds culture.

12:00 Why your most important investment is in a leader rather than a product.

14:00 Why autonomy is superior to empowerment.

16:00 How your physical and emotional fatigue will show up in your business.

17:30 The real problem with the “lone genius” syndrome in tech startups.

20:30 Mentoring can also teach you what you do NOT want to do.

22:30 How to change your perspective of failure.

31:00 How to exude what you expect.

Special thanks to Samantha Clark for making this episode possible.